Business Development and Product Marketing

Got an idea?
A new technology?
Perhaps passion to undertake?

A fine example of an Orlando company using excellent business development is Stream Monkey. They specialize in live video streaming solutions for companies around the world.

A great example is our great personal chef orlando fl Angelo Bersani. Watching his private dinning business rise to the top has been a lesson in professionalism.

You may have a good idea to start an Orlando business. Or perhaps your passion is to create successful products with minimal reliance on third parties. May wish to develop and launch a product, and create a new startup with the best guarantees of success, or launch new products and your business / product you have international vision or exponential growth possibilities. Or you may look for new business opportunities, and required to make a good market segmentation, detect and select an Initial Market (or beachhead Market) with a good size Market (TAM, Total Addresssable Market), create your User Profile, perform A development of product that generates benefits, and product marketing (all known as minimum Viable Product), etc.

All these tasks are within the Business Development (or Business Development). From the team of STREAMLINE PROJECTS, highly qualified and experienced field, we can help and guide you, if it is beneficial for your business project.
Mentor for your startup or project
“How to undertake and not die in the attempt”

An entrepreneur is not the same as an entrepreneur. Anyone can start a business, the process is not complex, but it is not the same as having a company to have a business. However, the entrepreneur seeks to create a new business that generates value and benefits. Create a new startup seems a chaotic and unpredictable task, and so it is. Even so, it is important to set a road map, set guidelines and analyze progress on an ongoing basis to achieve the goals set. A professional mentor, specializing in business development and business innovation, assist you in all necessary steps.